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Ab Lelievre, Former Director of Operations

Although Ab has now retired from the Homes of Joy Board of Directors, we want to thank him profusely for all of the time, faith, and dedication he put into making Homes of Joy a reality.


Ab worked tirelessly with Micaela when she first returned from Zambia in 2008, and through his direction and guidance we were incorporated as a Not for Profit in Ontario and registered as a Canadian Charity. His work in helping bring the organization to life so that the girls at Nyumba Yanga and Future in My Hands have a real chance at promising futures is one that has not been forgotten, and his legacy lives on through each girl who finds a home, a family and an education through Homes of Joy. Ab is also the talented artist behind the creation of our original logo, and our newly updated version that you currently see on the website. Thank you Ab!

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