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We would like to remind our donors that every dollar donated will go directly

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and Future In My Hands unless you choose to designate all or part of your

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running Homes of Joy.


Our hope is that by providing you with the options above, you will feel

confident about how your donation will be used, and know that your support

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In addition to providing for the regular care of the girls, we also provide

funding for special projects identified though needs assessments and

requests from the Sisters. Our current special projects are outlined below.

When you click our "Donate Now" button, you will be able to designate how to allocate your donation between the following options:

 1) General support for the girls at Nyumba Yanga Orphanage and Future in My Hands in Zambia

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3) Admin & Operating Costs

4) Special Project #1 for 2020/2021: Disaster Relief and Covid-19 Fund

5)  Special Project #2 for 2020/2021: Post-Secondary Scholarship & Bursary Fund for FIMH

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How You Can Donate
Current Special Projects

Special Project #1 for 2020/2021 - Disaster Relief and Covid-19 Fund

We realize that the current circumstances around the Covid-19 pandemic create special challenges (often without a great deal of warning or lead time). As in all crises, it is the most vulnerable people that are the most at risk, and that includes the orphaned girl children in both of our projects in Zambia (The Nyumba Yanga Orphanage and Future In My Hands: St. Joseph's College).


While the world has been focused on watching the coronavirus outbreaks in Asia, Europe and North America over the past months, the virus has now  put roots down within Africa as well and has to potential to be absolutely devastating in the impoverished communities we work in. During the school closure this summer, we were advised that additional funds were needed to maintain the health and safety of our girls and their relatives in the local compounds. We responded quickly and were able to send over $1200.00 USD to assist them in purchasing necessary supplies that would allow them to maintain operations in a safe manner and to assist the girls’ families as needed. The funds helped to purchase basic foodstuffs for the families, as well as posters and signage for Covid-19 education, purified water and hand-washing stations, material for masks, and thermometers. The Sisters at Nyumba Yanga also kept in contact with the families and supported them with weekly food packages as needed. All of this was only possible because of those who have donated to this Special Project in 2020, and is exactly why we have decided to continue raising funds for this project for 2021 as well.  Your generous support kept not only our girls safe, but also their relatives during a time when food prices were escalating dramatically, and supply shortages were rampant.


This is our attempt to proactively plan for what could lie ahead, and allows us to be prepared to provide any additional emergency assistance needed outside of the usual basic and educational needs we support for the girls in both of our projects. 


We know this is a difficult time financially for many, and would be truly grateful for any amount you can contribute so that we are prepared to meet needs for medical supplies and care for the girls when they arise. 











Special Project #2 for 2020/2021 – Post-Secondary Scholarship & Bursary Fund for FIMH: 

We are excited to continue supporting girls at the Post-Secondary level! We continue to have girls graduating from high school who have come up through the private school system facilitated by our support. We want to continue this bursary fund in order to support girls who are ready to further their education at the collegiate, university or vocational level; opening further possibilities for their futures.


Thanks to your support, Memory has now completed her final year at Nursing College and is currently writing her final exams. We are awaiting her final exam marks, but if all goes according to plan she will become our first College graduate and cross the stage in 2021. Idah has also completed her second year in the Medical Officer Program, and we hope her exam results will also be strong so that she can move into her final year in the program in January 2021. Selita and Natasha also finished and graduated from their catering course this Fall. We are currently awaiting final marks for another grade 12 student who is interested in applying for Teacher's College in 2021 if her results are strong enough and hope that will be the case.  As a result our goal for our second Special Project heading into 2021 will be raising another $3000.00 for our Post-Secondary Scholarship and Bursary fund. This would allow us to fund Idah’s 3rd and final year of in her  Medical Officer Program, as well as funding a first year for Teacher's College for our grade 12 graduate should she be successful, and help create base funding for other exceptional girls who will be ready for Post-Secondary in the next couple of years. We are so proud of Memory, Idah, Selita and Natasha, and are excited to see what their futures hold as a result of your incredibly generous support!

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